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Legal Rap

Legal Rap: The Ultimate Guide to All Your Legal Questions

Yo, listen up, I got the scoop
On all the legal questions, you can’t refute
Need to know about Azure NSG rules and how they apply
Or wonderin’ if crypto’s legal in Japan, don’t be shy
Maybe you’re in a union, collective agreement in play
Air Canada CUPE got you covered, no need to sway
Got a court date, need to dress just right?
Dress for divorce court, you’ll be dynamite

Got a威而鋼
profection year, Jupiter rules it in law
Tiny house dreams, but Minnesota laws you need to draw
Need expert help with your legal case?
Support court will put that smile on your face
How to store I-9 forms, electronic and all?
This guide will help, no need to stall
Want to end your Massage Envy contract, without all the fuss?
Gotcha covered, no need to cuss

Fireproof contractors, fire safety’s their deal
For all your legal needs, you know they’re for real
So there you have it, the lowdown on the law
Got all your questions answered, without a flaw
If you ever need a hand, just know where to go
The legal rap’s got your back, that much I know