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Rapping the Legal Lingo

Yo, hold up, let’s talk legal clauses,

Don’t get caught up, without the proses,

In New Mexico’s hands,

Hold harmless agreements, make legal stands.

Downloading software, getting things done,

Software license agreements, for everyone,

Protect your work, with legal dues,

Don’t get caught in a software misuse ruse.

Are self-driving cars, above the law?

Legal guide, without a flaw,

Explore the realm, of autonomous driving,

Legal or not? It’s truly mystifying.

Taxation in Hollywood, what’s the deal?

How much tax, do actors feel?

Explore the world, of red-carpet flair,

But don’t forget, taxes are always there.

Gender equality, laws on display,

Australia‘s legal way,

Legal rights, for one and all,

Equality stands, proud and tall.

Environmental practices, for firms to seize,

ESG is the new legal tease,

Law firms in line, with social duty,

Embrace the Earth, it’s not just a beauty.

Entering the States, legal and sound,

Guidelines are around,

Legal ways, no need to hide,

Come to the US, with legal guide.