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Following on from an earlier review of emergency medical response in 2014, IETUK have had the opportunity to work with various UK blue light services and vehicle manufacturers in the Punjab to deliver a project, which has far exceeded their initial target for delivery of Paramedic First Responder Motorbikes.

With the support of significant donations from the UK community, IETUK as able to provide guidance and support that assisted the production of a Motorbike designed to carry medical equipment. The Motorbikes were manufactured by a local business in Lahore assisting local employment opportunities.

Ten Paramedic Motorbikes where manufactured and presented to the Chief Minister and Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 along with appropriately trained Paramedic First Responders.

Resulting directly from the success of this project the Chief Minister subsequently agreed to support an expansion of the project. An order for a further nine hundred Motorbikes was placed with the manufacturer. This investment by the government has created four thousand jobs and supported the community. The additional Paramedic First Responder Motorbikes were released and have been rendering medical assistance to the Punjab community since September 2017.

IETUK were able to deliver additional training overviews to the Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 in the following subject areas;

  • Fire Safety Measures in High Rise Buildings
  • Emergency Evacuation Planning
  • Building Construction Elements and Fire Safety
  • Firefighting Strategies – High Rise Buildings
  • Firefighting Strategies – Backdraught and Flashover conditions
  • Driving Instructor Training
  • The use of Simulators in Fire and Rescue Training
  • Community Fire Safety Training
  • Search and Rescue Techniques
  • First Aid

2017: IETUK was fortunate in 2017 to be able to visit the Punjab Region twice. The focus on the second visit was mainly relating to Fire Prevention Education. IETUK has played an active role in the education within primary schools delivering fire safety key messages. An educational programme was delivered in relation to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ to school children. The team had great success fostering links with a school for orphaned and disabled children.

A potential agreement has been reached which will see the donation of a number of computers and laptops to the school from a school in Liverpool, UK. This builds further on the previous link between the school and Wingrove Primary School in Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.