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Following on from the initial scoping study undertaken in 2013. IETUK was able to visit the Punjab Region and assist Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 in a significant number of strategically targeted ways;

  • Review of Practical Training Courses delivered at the existing Training Academy
  • Review of new Training Academy facilities – Drill Tower and Fireground
  • Review of training syllabus for Trainee Firefighters
  • Review of Instructor syllabus
  • Initial review of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Training Facility at Islamabad
  • Undertook a scoping discussion with reference to Fire Behaviour Training (FBT) and Fire Appliance suitability
  • Undertook a scoping discussion with reference to the role of the Police Force at fire incidents and the cultural and public perceptions of firefighting activity
  • Undertook visits to two Fire Appliance Manufacturers and assisted Punjab Rescue 1122 with discussions surrounding Fire Appliance tendering and the suitability of the Appliance Main Pump and Hose Reels for Fire Behaviour Training.
  • Review of Primary Fire Safety Legislation and Building Codes
  • Review of the Draft Punjab Fire Prevention and Community Safety Act
  • Review of the Draft Life Safety Codes
  • Delivery of a Fire Safety Update to students at the University of Engineering and Technology
  • Undertook a review of Emergency Medical Response
  • An introduction to the implementation of a community safety programme (Time constraints prevented this being delivered)
  • Developed initial contact between a local school for orphaned and disabled children with a UK school to assist with sharing of best practice and resources. (Wingrove Primary School. Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)